ai Token Tales (AitT)

Decentralized stories, Written and illustrated by AI, Imagined and Curated by Human

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"AI is the future, Blockchain is the future For some of us it's already the present. So let's gather and make this present to Society"

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The Rise of AI: A Story of Machines and Intelligence

Celebrate the 80-year journey of Artificial Intelligence! Beyond the buzz of ChatGPT and the rapid adoption of AI, delve into the untold tale of the brilliant minds that tirelessly contributed to AI's evolution over...

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550 Genesis NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain
Exclusive access through all the story of our venture
literally the cofounders of the AitT adventure

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  • ChatGPT portrait


    An AI that write stories

  • Dall-E portrait


    an AI that illustrate stories

  • MidJourney portrait


    an AI that illustrates stories

  • B3n portrait


    Optimist Human, whispering thoughts to AI and curating stories and illustrations

  • Rom1 portrait


    The architect of dreams, sharing the bricks of stories and images with AI to create unique worlds.

  • R!c portrait


    A human who transcribes what the AI ​​would like to see

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered all frequently asked questions, Still confused? feel free to contact us.

What is AI Token Tales (AitT)?

AI Token Tales (AitT) is a project focused on producing decentralized books, written and illustrated by AI but envisioned and overseen by humans. It aims to transform how books are made and distributed by blending AI, blockchain technology, and human creativity.

How does AI Token Tales work?

AI Token Tales employs advanced AI models, including DALL-E, Mindjourney, and ChatGPT, to generate book content, both text and visuals. NFTs are also used to signify ownership and the uniqueness of specific content.

Who oversees book creation?

The book-making process is monitored by a community of human creators and curators. They conceive concepts, set creative directions, and ensure the AI-generated content's quality.

Why integrate NFTs into the books?

NFTs add value by allowing readers to own unique and rare digital content pieces. They can also reward project creators and contributors.

Can I contribute as an artist or writer to AI Token Tales?

Absolutely! AI Token Tales welcomes contributions from external creators. Submit your ideas or works for potential inclusion, pending community approval and oversight.

What's the long-term vision for AI Token Tales?

AI Token Tales aspires to be a decentralized book-making platform where the creative community collaborates with AI to craft unique literary works, while also providing monetization opportunities for creators.

How can I reach out to the AI Token Tales team for inquiries or partnerships?

You can connect with the AI Token Tales team via their website, Telegram, or Discord.